TruBot Designer

Now anybody can design bots.

Designing a bot has never been so easy!

With TruBot Designer, anybody can design bots. Business users who do not have any programming knowledge, have to just record the steps in a particular process using the in-built visual recorder, and TruBot Designer will take care of the rest. It will design the bot for the process at the click of the button! The Smart Library in the TruBot Designer comes with pre-defined components which can be just dragged and dropped to create bots faster. For designing complex bots, business users can collaborate with technical developers, who can fine-tune the system generated code to suit the business requirements. For this, the technical developers are equipped with advanced development options such as standard integrated development environment (IDE) and advanced debugging.

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TruBot Designer Benefits


Easy Codeless Designing

Designing by intuitive commands based on simple English empowers non-technical business users for creating bots from scratch.


No Training Required

No training required for designing complex bots as technical designers are equipped with standard Integrated Development Environment.


Scale Up Faster

Design more bots at faster pace by just dragging and dropping from comprehensive library of reusable components.


Leveraging Collaboration

Leverage power of collaboration by sharing the smart component library across teams within organization.


Visual Recorder for Designing

Start the visual recorder and record the process. TruBot Designer will create the bot at just click of a button.

TruBot Designer Features


Technology Compatible

Offers high compatibility with web and desktop applications as well as legacy mainframes, character user interfaces, and remote applications.


Comprehensive Library

Drag and drop pre-defined components available from rich in-built library to create own bots.


Fast Quality Checks

Bot designing through a controlled process. Advanced debugging feature to create error free bots. Allows testing and code editing in a development environment.


Standard Development Environment

Standard Integrated Development Environment (IDE) built on Microsoft Visual Studio for programming complex processes and does not require any special training for developers


Version Control

Bot development under strict version control. Offers centralized repository for maintaining version control, logs, and credentials.

Datamatics focuses on the ease of bot building and deployment through its TruBot Designer, which facilitates bot creation using simple, intuitive recorders coupled with drag-and-drop features.

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