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IDC's Report on 'RPA Vendor Assesment 2018'

IDC’s report on ‘Robotic Process Automation Vendor Assessment 2018 for Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan)’ profiles significant RPA vendors in the region, assessing their key offerings and value propositions, regional presence and their path to cognitive enabled automation. The report also provides guidelines to consider for selecting RPA Partner.

  • Strength of consulting and implementation services
  • The breadth and depth of cognitive/AI integration
  • Evaluating AI deployments against potential risks
  • Not all bots (and bot platforms) are equal
Read the full report here
White Paper | Est time: 5 mins

Unlock business value through the combination of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

White Paper | Est Time: 6 mins

Optimize business processes and drive business results through the successful integration of AI / ML with RPA

White Paper | Est Time: 7 mins

How to reduce operational expenditure in FnA using RPA and allied technologies

White Paper | Est Time: 6 mins

How to undertake digital transformation for mid-sized enterprises

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