Manage your invoice processing and other critical back-office operations with RPA and ensure vendor and supplier satisfaction and improve operational efficiency

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for manufacturing industry use case
Invoice Process Automation in Manufacturing Industry using RPA Use Case

Invoice Process Automation

End-to-end automate invoice processing. Companies automating this process have experienced average effort reduction by 85% and improvement in TAT by 10x times.

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Invoice Data Capture - Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in manufacturing industry Use case

Invoice Data Capture

Scan, transform and automatically upload data from paper invoices into the ERP system by using Intelligent Data Capture with RPA.

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Invoice Updation in ERP -  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in manufacturing industry Use case

Invoice Updation in ERP

Capture invoice data in the ERP system to maintain tight control over administrative and finance operations and automate routine activities in Shared Services.

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Order Booking Automation - RPA in manufacturing industry Use case

Order Booking Automation

Update relevant data from the Purchase Order (PO) received from the vendor into the enterprise systems as a new record.

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Book Closures Process in Manufacturing Industry using RPA Use case

Book Closures

Post entries in GL, total the accounts, prepare Trial Balance, report discrepancies, manually adjust journal entries, prepare the adjusted Trial Balance, create statements, close entries, and create post-closure Trial Balance.

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Invoice Creation Process in Manufacturing Industry using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Use case

Invoice Creation

Auto-read the email invoice request and file attachment and log the data in the Accounting system. In case of missing information, send an email to the concerned. Else create the invoice through proper transactions.

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Invoice Processing Process in Manufacturing Industry using RPA Use case Example

Invoice Processing

Automate the process by inwarding the invoice in ERP, performing 2/3 way matching, notifying the concerned, and paying out if validations are in order to finally update the status in ERP.

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Bank Reconciliation Process using RPA in Manufacturing Industry Use Case

Bank Reconciliation Process

Reconcile data downloaded in unstructured format from emails as well as bank websites and validate it as per business rules.

Credit Assessment Report - RPA Automation Use Case in Manufacturing Industry

Credit Assessment Report

Extract financial data from balance sheets of companies and create the credit assessment profiles before enrolling in different programs.

RPA Automation Use Case in Manufacturing Industry for Sales Order Booking Process

Sales Order Booking

Book sales orders in the different business systems, such as SAP, from the spreadsheet files and other siloed databases.

RPA Use Case for Maintenance Automation in Manufacturing Industry

Maintenance Automation

Automatically re-order spare parts and equipment in the maintenance division of your manufacturing unit on reaching a threshold.

Lead Gathering Process in Manufacturing Industry using RPA automation Use case

Lead Gathering Process

Search the web for potential opportunities, tenders, and RFPs and populate the data in the CRM system for review by the Sales team.

Drawback Fund Transfer Process in Manufacturing Industry using RPA Use Case Example

Drawback Fund Transfer

Reconcile data between bank accounts and the company database. In case of match, upload the data to the company site. If not, email it to the respective stakeholders.

RPA Automation Use Case for Process Data Consolidation in Manufacturing Industry

Process Data Consolidation

Consolidate the engineering process knowledge in a single store in a standardized template with proper taxonomy to ensure quick retrievability towards problem-solving.

Back-office Administration in Manufacturing Industry RPA Use Case Example

Back-office Administration

Automate back-office tasks for general transactions, administration, and sales. Create the building block for RPA CoE to govern enterprise processes.

New Drug Application Processing in Manufacturing Industry using RPA Use Case Example

New Drug Application

Fast-track the regulatory approvals that usually span 18 to 36 months by identifying the best candidates for medicines and vaccines from a number of clinical trials.

Program Management in Manufacturing Industry using RPA Use Case Example

Program Management

Collect data across the bills of material, map it against production volume to create lean inventories, and jump start JIT operations.

Supplier Onboarding Process using RPA - Robotic Process Automation in Manufacturing Industry Use Case

Supplier Onboarding

Build supplier network, send RFQs, short-list suppliers, run contracts, cut POs, and on-board them.

Bill of Material Process using RPA - Robotic Process Automation in Manufacturing Industry Use Case

Bill of Material

Create a detailed list of all the parts, which are required to create a finished product, in a hierarchical manner for recurrent and on-going development.

Service Request Fulfillment Process in Manufacturing Industry using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Use case

Service Request Fulfillment

Navigate through multiple enterprise systems to gather data across multiple touch points to resolve a service request posted through the CRM system or email.

Logistics Tracking Process in Manufacturing Industry using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Use case

Logistics Tracking

Track the transportation of finished products through multiple carriers having multiple insurances to different warehouses, wholesalers, and retailers, and accurately calculate the shipping charges.

RPA Automation Use Case for ERP Reporting in Manufacturing Industry

ERP Reporting

Report inventory, AP, AR, Pricing, and other details to the concerned stakeholders at pre-scheduled times through email, trigger alerts for abnormalities and process lacunae, and upload the report to the SharePoint folder.

RPA Automation Use Case for Central Database Updation in Manufacturing Industry

Central Database Updation

Update production-related details in a web-based system from each branch, factory, and office such that a real-time status is available across the manufacturing organization.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Compliance Reporting in Manufacturing Industry Use Case

Compliance Reporting

Update status for different parameters to the intra-company databases as well as third party and government websites for regulatory and statutory compliance.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Supply Chain Supervision in Manufacturing Industry Use Case

Supply Chain Supervision

Monitor and supervise the flow of finished goods from the manufacturing outfit to the warehouses, to the wholesalers, and then to the point of sale so that there is no stock-out.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Order Processing in Manufacturing Industry Use Case

Order Processing

Extract details from incoming orders in the form of email/fax, validate them against business rules, key in the data in the ERP, and send an initiation trigger to the production unit.

Import-Export process in Manufacturing Industry using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Use case

Import-Export process

Digitize hundreds of documents, including letters of credit, validate the documents as per business rules, automate order processing and payment based on bill of lading, and email the confirmation.

Goods Inventory process in Manufacturing Industry using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Use case

Goods Inventory

Track the products in the inventory and raise alerts to the concerned stakeholders and inform the procurement and production units when the inventory falls below a specified threshold.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Use Case for Raw Material Inventory in Manufacturing Industry

Raw Material Inventory

Monitor and manages the raw material and parts for seamless production and send alerts to the procurement department or the vendors when it diminishes below the threshold.

RPA Automation Use Case for Tax Reconciliation in Manufacturing Industry

Tax Reconciliation

Export trial balance and other related data from the ERP, determine the tax filing status of each legal entity, review accounts, reconcile inter-company transactions, calculate tax, and apply it to the trial balance.


Compliance & Discrepancy Report

Extract data from the bank's statements, compare it with the company records across Excel files and ERP systems, validate it against complex business rules and creates report for compliance and discrepancy.


Business Travel Planning

Use RPA bots to bundle external and internal business-relevant services related to daily activities such as travel and weather sites related to business travel-related planning and improve application productivity and efficiency. Integrate online services into your web portal for easy, safe, and secure access through a proper handshake with the company IT rules.


Emergency Call Centre Dispatch

Use RPA bots in the automobile and after-sales assistance industry to augment the emergency dispatch help function associated with the Highway Emergency Call Centre, which takes care of dispatching own fleet of resources as well as partner and contractor resources to sites of emergency incidents while on the road.


New Inquiry, Transfer Requests & Contract Termination

Eliminate duplication of efforts in working on the same service requests received through different channels such as web forms, telephone calls, apps, etc., by using RPA bots and send immediate customer acknowledgment.


Data Gathering & Posting

Easily consume actual and forecast data on energy production and consumption and combine it individually with market commentary, stock exchange, and broker data.


Financial Reporting

Automate pulling in data from different legacy systems for financial reporting across the board, reduce errors involved in the manual swivel chair operations, improve productivity of the Accounting team.

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