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Everest Group Peak Matrix For Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Technology Vendors Features Datamatics TruCap+

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Datamatics TruCap+ is an intelligent data capture solution powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and fuzzy logic. It helps in intelligent data capture from various unstructured documents with over 99% accuracy. Its ability to continuously auto-learn using AI/ML algorithms and inputs provided by users; combined with ability to predict confidence level of the captured data; makes it a truly intelligent data capture solution. It is compatible with all legacy as well as modern ERP systems. TruCap+ is highly modular, configurable, and customizable and can be deployed on-premise as well as on-cloud. With over 90% of the data generated by businesses being in unstructured form; TruCap+ is the ideal solution to take forward your digital transformation journey.


TruCap+ Overview


300 Million

300 Million

Documents processed through TruCap+ with over 99% accuracy of data output

Template Free Data Capture

Template free Data Capture

TruCap+ uses AI, fuzzy logic, image topography, and analytics. 

Pre-Processing Functionalities

40+ Pre-Processing Functionalities

Image enhancement pre-proceesing features to improve quality of input image  

Smart Post-Processing Features

30+ Smart Post-Processing Features

Smart document post-processing features to enhance the quality of output data

AI/ML Powered

AI/ML Powered

Continuous auto-learning using AI/ML algorithms.

Seamless Integration With RPA Platforms

Seamless Integration With All RPA Platforms

TruCap+ is not only compatible with TruBot RPA, but can also be seamlessly integrated with other 3rd party RPA platforms and all downstream systems.


Data Extraction

Data Extraction From Unstructured

Enables context-specific and intelligent data capture from various sources without creating any templates

High Accuracy

High Accuracy

Facilitates 99% character-level accuracy, reduces errors and improves straight through passes (STP)

Multi-Channel Data Processing

Multi-Channel Data Processing

Processes data from multiple sources including hard copies and digital data channels; e.g. scanners, FTP, emails, social media posts, hot folders, etc.

Automated Document Classification

Automated Document Classification

Identifies every incoming document based on content type, auto-classifies, and tags for quick storage and faster access

Data Validation

Data Validation

Auto-verifies and validates data by using business rules and AI/ML algorithms

Auto Learning


Continuously learns using AI/ML algorithms and inputs provided by users

Datamatics also has capabilities around intelligent OCR solutions with its TruCap+ offerings that come with built-in capabilities to digitalize unstructured documents using both third-party AI APIs and Datamatics' proprietary APIs.



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