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TruBot Station is a physical or virtual machine where the bot is actually deployed. TruBot Cockpit assigns a bot to a particular station based on its availability, access to applications on which process is going to run and bot station health. The best part about TruBot is it creates digital workforce which is scalable through multiple desktop ghosting. Also, multi-skilled bots can run at same time independent of bot station. TruBot station is continuously in touch with TruBot Cockpit, sending it heartbeats at regular intervals as well sending messages and notifications about the progress. The complete synergy between TruBot Cockpit and TruBot stations is a key factor in successful digital transformation.

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Minimal Footprint

Virtual scalability through multiple desktop ghosting leading to minimizing need for physical bot stations.

Virtual & Physical

Bots can be deployed both on virtual and physical machines thus optimizing available resources

Concurrent Running Of Bots

Helps in parallel run and monitoring of multiple bots from the bot pool, independent of the station


Open APIs

Helps to seamlessly connect with the TruBot Cockpit for lateral and vertical deployment of the bot across the enterprise.

Remote Deployment

Helps in deploying bots between different stations via the TruBot Cockpit.

Seamless Monitoring

Assists in remote health-check and status update through the TruBot Cockpit.

Credential Retrieval

Provides access to credentials vault of the individual bot, which is deployed at a TruBot Station, and is stored in the cockpit.

Messaging & Notifications

Provides remote management of messaging & notifications through the cockpit.

Another interesting differentiator is that a single TruBot can be trained in multiple processes so the same bot can perform different activities at different times, allowing customers to optimize their bot license costs.



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