TruBot Cockpit

Starting and scaling your Robotic Process Automation journey has never been so easy.


Whether you are about to start or planning to scale up your RPA program, you just sit back, relax and take complete control of your RPA program with TruBot Cockpit. Now you can manage and monitor your entire bot workforce deployed across the enterprise centrally. With TruBot Cockpit you can schedule jobs, allocate bot stations on-the-run, monitor bot ecosystem health check, keep a tab on particular jobs in progress and do all things required to effectively manage your RPA program. That’s not all you also get highest level of enterprise grade security with credential vault and enterprise application information control. It also scores very high on flexibility with bot deployment in cloud, on-premise, and physical as well as virtual machines. In short, with TruBot Cockpit you can pilot and navigate your RPA program to greater heights.

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Full Control Of RPA Program

Manage, control and monitor your entire RPA program centrally with TruBot Cockpit.

Flexibility Of Deployment

High flexibility of bot deployment in cloud, on-premise, and physical as well as virtual machines.

Enterprise Grade Security

Separation between production and development environments. Credential vault for security.

Easy To Use

Offers a central web-based interface which is intuitively designed and can be accessed from anywhere using any device including mobile.

Insights On RPA Program

Get complete insights on bot ecosystem health as well as full view of your RPA program at one place.

Optimum Utilization Of Bots

Ensures optimum utilization of bots with bot health check, auto-dynamic bot station allocation and concurrent bot run.

Datamatics Advantage

Bot Ecosystem Health Check

Real-time monitoring of bot health, bot station availability, applications accessed by bots and many other parameters across bot lifecycle.

Multi-Level Audit Trail

Complete audit trail of activities performed by Cockpit including bot schedules, bot station allocations, applications accessed, process completion status; providing accountability of actions undertaken.

Credential Vault

Credential vault for securely storing all credential details. It’s an added security feature to ensure highest level of security.

Auto-Dynamic Bot Station Selection

Selects the best suited bot station on-the-run based on availability and suitability of bot station.

Notification & Alerts

Notifications and alerts about bot stations and processes running on them which helps in monitoring and controlling bots effectively.

Flexible Bot Deployment

Deploy bots on cloud or on-premise based on customer requirement.

Physical & Virtual Environment

Bots can be deployed on physical as well as virtual machines through ghosting.

Bot Pool

Helps in parallel run and monitoring of multiple bots from the bot pool independent of the TruBot station.

Enterprise Application Information Control

Features like role-based access and privilege access management combined with credential vault helps in application information control.

Scheduling Of Jobs

jobs can be scheduled for bots centrally on both physical and virtual machines along with all the necessary parameters for efficiently managing RPA program

Screen Replay

Keep complete trail of bot activities through screen replay functionality. Helps on monitoring the bots and take corrective action wherever required.

High Availability

Real-time visibility into availability of bots. Decide your bot requirement and plan activities based on bot usage for optimal utilization.

Datamatics TruBot enables bot management and analytics capabilities through TruBot Cockpit, which provides a real-time dashboard view of the bots deployed across the enterprise.



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