New Features of TruBot 4

rpa with visual workflow

Visual Workflow

Visual designer with workflow, drag-and-drop options to easily design the process in TruBot Designer

rpa with recording feature

Universal Recorder

Seamless recording between web, desktop and SAP

low code rpa tool

Low code designing with 200+ inbuilt component library

A rich component library of 200+ ready-to-use components, making designing low code and enabling rapid deployment

rpa with integrated operations & business analytics

Integrated operations and business analytics

Operational monitoring and control of historical data for Bot execution, status and notifications

rpa with intelligent data capture

Integrated Intelligent Data Capture

Integrated data capture, powered by AI and fuzzy logic

rpa with cyberark integration

CyberArk vault integration

Enhanced security with privileged security access powered by CyberArk

rpa with ai

AI capabilities

Integration with TruAI text Analytics Engine

rpa dynamic bot station

Dynamic bot station selection

Bot execution mapped to multiple Bot stations for failover, ensuring optimal utilization of bots

rpa with ROI calculator

RoI calculator

Monitor RPA program benefits at business level with integrated analytics

rpa bot health monitoring

Proactive bot health monitoring

Proactively check the health of Bots in terms of Availability of Bot station, validity of processes, credentials etc.

rpa with log of processess

Detailed designer log

Maintains log of the activities in creating processes in Designer

quality check with visual debugging

Visual debugging

Helps non-technical users in quick quality checks with visual debugging


Modular and reusable process creation with workflows

Rapid deployment possible with modular and reusable process creation


Versioning of processes

Simultaneous availability of multiple versions of same process


Import of custom components

Develop and bring external custom components which helps with quick development 


User definable transaction log

Keeps record of process centric data of user transactions


Multi-skilled bot stations

Runs more than one skilled Bot on a work station


RPA analytics 

Analytics for operational KPIS like Bot station utilization, errors


Flexible deployment 

Deployable on-cloud, on-premise, virtualized or in hybrid environment


Bot execution through external events

Executes Bots through external triggers, enabling easy integration with external systems


Zero bot footprint option

Leaves zero bot footprint on workstations, which ensures workstations are bot-ready quickly


Parameter Management

Defines multiple instances of parameters e.g. credentials for an application


  Bot scheduling

Calendar / Outlook view for planning, execution and granular scheduling


 Real-time status update

SMS / email updates on Bot execution in real-time

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