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Datamatics Trubot™ is an enterprise grade, multi-skilled RPA software bot which automates a range of simple as well as complex processes.

Explore all the features of TruBot and build your own bot. Download the RPA tool now with a free trial license valid for 1 month.

Download contents:

  • TruBot Cockpit - Be in control of your bots, Schedule, Execute & Monitor them centrally
  • TruBot Cockpit Personal - Control your bots from your desktop with the desktop version of Trubot Cockpit
  • TruBot Designer - Build a bot for a process with our business friendly designer; you don’t need to be a programmer
  • Installation and user guide.

System Requirements:

  • TruBot Cockpit: Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016
  • TruBot Cockpit Personal: Windows 10
  • TruBot Designer: Windows 10
  • Internet access required at the time of installation to get the free trial license

Download the RPA software tool today and start your free trial. Learn how Robotic Process Automation can enable companies like yours to reduce cycle times and overheads anywhere in their repetitive, labour intensive, and rule-based processes.

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