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Leverage the customer's choice for RPA, TruBot to automate processes and increase customer loyalty and retention

RPA Automation Use Cases in Media and Entertainment Industry
RPA for Device Activation in Media and Entertainment Use Case

Device Activation

Swiftly activate mobile devices by efficiently working across several systems in parallel and ensure customer delight. Reduce processing time for device activation from days to hours by using RPA bots.

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RPA Use Case for Content Creation in Media & Entertainment Industry

Content Creation

Automate structured news content such as, earnings reports, sports competitions, and advertising, by using RPA along with AI algorithms. Use the paradigm for creation of lesser structured content as well.

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Content Discovery using RPA in Media & Entertainment Industry

Content Discovery

Make your OTT as well as archived content more searchable with relevant metadata. Auto-extract title, episode name, synopsis. With Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Generation (NLG), Image Processing, or Machine Learning, use RPA intelligently to deal with high volumes of structured and unstructured data. The amalgamation can be used to identify a higher number of relevant and specific keywords.

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Metadata Updates in Media & Entertainment Industry using RPA Use Case

Metadata Updates

Auto-update metadata specifications frequently and remain consistent with the ever-changing standards imposed to respect audience preferences. Thus maintain earning potential by using RPA bots.

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RPA Use Case for Service Requests in Media & Entertainment Industry

Service Requests

Expand networks and deal effectively with more demands from higher numbers of customers, who have the right to have their complaints addressed in time. Automate service requests with RPA bots to deliver resolutions irrespective of the working hours.

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RPA Use Case for Customer Management in Media & Entertainment Industry

Customer Management

Quickly upgrade the customer management system in order to identify accurately those premises that are most likely to welcome their services including broadband internet, cable TV, landline, mobile telephone, etc. Use RPA bots to proactively track the construction sites to trace exactly whom and when to make a service offer. Quickly activate media equipment. Streamline the expansion regime, which is characterized by repetitive, high volume, and rule-based processes.

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Grouping Files and Emailing To Customers using RPA in Media & Entertainment

Grouping Files And Emailing To Customers

Access documents across multiple systems. Facilitate data extraction from PDF and Excel files to reduce the need for keying in data and auto-group files. Collate PDFs, encrypt them, identify email addresses in Excel and auto-mail to clients.

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