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Robotic process automation RPA Use Cases in Healthcare industry
RPA Use Cases for Account Settlement in Healthcare Industry

Account Settlement

Auto-notify patients of their bill amount considering all variables and receive payments. Reduce payment delays and inaccuracies associated with the calculation of bill amount and effortlessly speed up account settlements.

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RPA Use Cases in Healthcare Industry - Expense Payment

Expense Payment

Integrate existing applications, extract the relevant data, perform bulk payment posting & reconciliation, trigger responses, auto-send payment reminders, and communicate across myriad systems. Reimburse amounts from insurance payers in the appropriate patient accounts in the billing system.

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Medical Billing using RPA - Use Case in Healthcare Industry

Medical Billing

Collaborate between internal and external stakeholders, with data collection from each stakeholder. Combine all these sub-processes into a seamless, centralized process. Auto-billing process helps Medical billing service providers, pass on significant savings to their healthcare provider customers.

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Ingestion - Robotic Process Automation Use Case in Healthcare


Intelligently capture data from forms to speed up the ingestion part of the case management process. Collate and match the data with that from external systems to determine eligibility.

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Provider Application -  RPA Use Case in Healthcare Industry

Provider Application

Conduct rigorous checks when new providers apply to join the healthcare network to verify that they have the proper credentials. Pull data from the application and verify from a number of different websites to that the information provided is up-to-date and accurate.

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Medicaid for Newborns - RPA Use Case for Healthcare Industry

Medicaid for Newborns

Research, validate, and change the new-born's insurance ID to state-based Medicaid to ensure total care and no gaps. Ensure that the parents do not have to face a heavy financial commitment to services and that they, as well as their new-born, receive all the included benefits of Medicaid.

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RPA in Healthcare Claims Management Use Case Example

Claims Management

Streamline the end-to-end process of managing insurance claims. Speed up data processing for insurance claims and eliminate errors. Identify compliance-related exceptions and eliminate non-compliance of regulations.

Customer Satisfaction - RPA Use Case in Healthcare Industry

Customer Satisfaction

Integrate information, such as appointment scheduling and data digitization and simplify inventory tracking. Reduce wait time of patients for appointments and provide them with easy access to their health records and bills online thus improving customer satisfaction scores.

Discharge Instructions -RPA Use Case in Healthcare

Discharge Instructions

Ensure the accuracy of hospital discharge guidelines and send reminders to patients about prescription pick-ups. Notify patients about upcoming appointments and medical tests. Enhance the patient’s experience, provide better healthcare, reduce re-admissions, and thereby improve the hospital's net promoter scores.

RPA Use Case in Healthcare - Appointment Scheduling Process

Appointment Scheduling

Scan patient data to create a report that can be sent to a referral management representative to fix the appointment. Notify patients when doctors are unavailable for their pre-scheduled appointment by tracking the doctor's schedule.

Self Check-in Process in Healthcare Industry using RPA - Use Case

Self Check-in Process

Enable patient self-check-in to reduce effort by 50%, improve turnaround time by two-fold, and improve data quality.

Search and Retrieval - RPA in Healthcare industry Use Case

Search and Retrieval

Automate the search and retrieval process for case management documents through a complex set of business rules as per the workflow demands.

RPA In Healthcare Industry Use Case - Time Cards Processing

Time Cards Processing

Automate the process of receiving and checking the amount earned by nursing staff at hospitals and medical centres and making them on-time payment through heavy duty data processing.

RPA Use Case In Healthcare Industry - Remote Consultations

Remote Consultations

Automate scheduling of the patients’ requests for appointments via video consultations, thereby ensuring 24x7 availability of booking service for patients.

Staff Onboarding using RPA - Use Case In Healthcare industry

Staff Onboarding

Speed up the tasks related to onboarding potential new hires by 10x and automate processes such as police vetting and previous employment status.

RPA Use Case In Healthcare - Rapid Patient Registration Process

Rapid Patient Registration

Check the registration status of patients in the existing database and registers new patients. Extract patient history and information of already registered patients.

Manage Testing Requests - RPA Use Case In Healthcare

Manage Testing Requests

Automate the check-in and administrative tasks related to queuing and managing testing requests, eliminate human error, and allow digital paperwork to be processed quickly.

RPA in Healthcare Claims Processing Use Case & Examples

Claims Processing

Automate and handle increased volume of calls and constant changes in policy related to Healthcare Claims. Streamline and accelerate claims processing by tracing and auditing payments accurately.

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