TruBot automates tab based account opening for a large bank


The client's end customers were increasing everyday. due to the rapidly increasing numbers of the customers, the client had to open more bank accounts for new customer. But as the process was carried out manually, it lead to time delays in creating new bank accounts for the customers which led to the client losing its customers to the competitors so they wanted to automate the entire process of account opening to retain the existing customers and gain new ones


Datamatics implemented TruBot to automate the entire process of automating the bank account opening. TruBot reads the documents and extracts the necessary data using TruOCR, an intelligent OCR and validating the data on different government websites and the banking system to check whether the account already exists.

Business Impacts

Reduction in Processing time

Accounts opened per day

Enhancement of Productivity

Decrease in resource cost


One of the Largest Banks in India


Banking & Financial Services



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