TruBot automates ATM dispute management for a bank


The client was facing customer dissatisfaction because of delay in handling ATM disputes. The client also wanted to automate its customer service request process which included addition of names, addresses which was previously done manually and resulted in multiple errors. The bank used to take minimum 3-4 days to handle its ATM disputes due to which they had to pay heavy penalties and also resulted in loss of customers.


Datamatics implemented TruBot to automate the entire process of handling ATM disputes. TruBot reads the data from multiple systems coming from multiple banks and analyzes the current data and past data and reconciliation. It checks whether the balance tallies and the amount of cash withdrawn and analyzes whether the complain is genuine and goes to the core banking system and returns the amount to the customer.

Business Impacts

ATM disputes managed

time taken per dispute from 48hrs

Reduction in TAT

Customer Satisfaction and experience


One of the largest banking groups in the Middle East delivering enhanced value across corporate, retail, private, Islamic and investment banking throughout the region.


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