TruBot Auto-classifies documents for a large US Bank


The client had acquired 6 banks and the number of documents had increased in their document management system. The client had 35 million documents of loan application forms and supportings and wanted to auto-analyse, auto-index, and auto-classify the documents into 200 pre-defined categories and evaluate Smart Automation possibilities towards classification of the documents


Datamatics recommended and implemented TruAI based solution supported by Artificial Intelligence and other cutting edge technologies in a result-driven environment. It did the auto-analysis of the documents and context analysis and auto classified the documents in one of 200 categories to make documents and pattern discoveries searchable and retrievable using Naïve based algorithm.

Business Impacts

Reduction in operationsal expenditure

Accuracy improved

Man hours saved per month

documents auto-classfied and auto-indexed


One of the leading banks in USA


Banking and Financial Services



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