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TruBot RPA tool is an enterprise grade, multi-skilled bot programmed to enhance your enterprise’s productivity. It automates a range of simple as well as complex processes. With our RPA solutions anybody, even a business user with absolutely no programming knowledge, can design bots with click of a button. Whether you have just started your robotic process automation journey or planning to scale up your automation program, now you can just sit back, relax and take complete control of your RPA program centrally. TruBot also comes with an intelligent data capture solution, TruCap+. It has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) & fuzzy logic and captures meaningful data from unstructured documents with over 99% accuracy. In addition with TruBot Neuro, your digital workforce gets reasoning capabilities. Integration of cognitive technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning enables your bot workforce to handle complex transactions which are generally reliant on human expertise and intervention. 

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Modules Of Our RPA Tool

TruBot Designer RPA Tool

TruBot Designer

With the TruBot Designer RPA tool, anybody can design bots. Business users who do not have any programming knowledge, can design the bot at click of the button!

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TruBot Cockpit tool

TruBot Cockpit

Take complete control of your RPA program with the TruBot Cockpit RPA tool. You can now centrally manage and monitor your entire bot workforce deployed across the enterprise.

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TruBot Station software

TruBot Station

TruBot Station is a physical or virtual machine where the bot is actually deployed. Multiple bots can concurrently run on same station, thus minimizing the footprint.

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Features Of the RPA Tool

TruBot RPA tool comes with Visual Workflow

Visual Workflow

Visual designer with workflow, drag-and-drop options to easily design the process in TruBot Designer

RPA Solutions with Universal Recorder

Universal Recorder

Seamless recording between web, desktop and SAP

TruBot RPA Software tool requires low coding

Low code designing with 200+ inbuilt component library

A rich component library of 200+ ready-to-use components, making designing low code and enabling rapid deployment

RPA Software solutions with Integrated operations & business analytics

Integrated operations and business analytics

Operational monitoring and control of historical data for Bot execution, status and notifications

RPA Software with Integrated intelligent data capture

Integrated Intelligent Data Capture

Integrated data capture, powered by AI and fuzzy logic

Enhanced Security from CyberArk with TruBot RPA Software Solutions

CyberArk vault integration

Enhanced security with privileged security access powered by CyberArk

TruBot RPA Software Solutions with AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities

AI capabilities

Integration with TruAI text Analytics Engine

Dynamic RPA Bot Station Selection

Dynamic bot station selection

Bot execution mapped to multiple Bot stations for failover, ensuring optimal utilization of bots

RPA Software Tool Solutions with ROI Calculator

RoI calculator

Monitor RPA program benefits at business level with integrated analytics

Proactive Bot Health Monitoring with RPA Software tool

Proactive bot health monitoring

Proactively check the health of Bots in terms of Availability of Bot station, validity of processes, credentials etc.

TruBot RPA Tool Just Got Better.  

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TruBot RPA Tool Benefits

Easy To Use TruBot RPA Automation Software Tool

Easy to Use

TruBot RPA Software Tool is Secure


TruBot RPA Software tool is scalable



TruBot RPA Software Tool is Intelligent


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