Intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine with integrated AI & fuzzy logic. Capture meaningful data from unstructured documents with over 99% accuracy

OCR has never been so intelligent!

Datamatics TruOCR is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and fuzzy logic. It helps in intelligent data capture from various unstructured documents with over 99% accuracy. Its ability to continuously auto-learn using AI/ML algorithms and inputs provided by users; combined with ability to predict confidence level of the captured data; makes it a truly intelligent OCR. It is compatible with all legacy as well as modern ERP systems. TruOCR is highly modular, configurable, and customizable and can be deployed on-premise as well as on-cloud. With over 90% of the data generated by businesses being in unstructured form; TruOCR is the ideal solution to take forward your digital transformation journey.

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TruOCR Benefits


Over 99% OCR Accuracy

Over 99% accuracy of output with strong capabilities for pre-processing and image enhancement to improve OCR accuracy.


Up To 400% Productivity Improvement

TruOCR improves data capture productivity by up to 400% as against manual data capture.


Intelligent OCR

TruOCR uses AI, fuzzy logic, image topography, and analytics. Continuous auto-learning using AI/ML algorithms and inputs provided by users.


Seamless Integration With All RPA Platforms

TruOCR is not only compatible with TruBot RPA, but can also be seamlessly integrated with other 3rd party RPA platforms.


Enhanced Human-OCR Synergy

Configured to capture data as per pre-defined threshold confidence level. Allows manual intervention for below threshold limits.

TruOCR Features

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Unstructured Data Extraction

Helps in intelligent data capture from various sources, such as Word, Excel, PDF, emails, scanned images, and other digital documents.


Multi-Channel Data Processing

Offers to process data from multiple sources including hard copies as well as digital data channels including scanners, FTP, emails, social media posts, hot folders.


Data Validation

Offers to automatically verify and validate data using business rules and AI/ML algorithms leading to continual improvement.


High Visibility Of Data

Extracts metadata, indexes, and converts them in to easily searchable portable formats.


Automated Document Classification

Assists in identifying every incoming document based on content type, auto-classifying, and tagging for quick storage and faster access.



Helps in continuous learning using AI/ML algorithms and inputs provided by users thus significantly reducing operational costs.

Datamatics also has capabilities around intelligent OCR solutions with its TruOCR offerings that come with built-in capabilities to digitalize unstructured documents using both third-party AI APIs and Datamatics' proprietary APIs.

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Capture meaningful data from unstructured documents with TruOCR

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