TruBot Neuro

Robotic Process Automation gets smarter

Digital workforce with cognitive superpowers

With TruBot Neuro, your digital workforce gets reasoning capabilities. Integration of cognitive technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning enables your bot workforce to handle complex transactions which are generally reliant on human expertise and intervention. TruBot Neuro has cognitive powers to read, interpret and comprehend multi-lingual unstructured text from various sources like documents, emails, social media or even newsfeeds. With machine learning capabilities it constantly learns, enabling it to take smarter decision and improve process efficiency.

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TruBot Neuro Benefits


Smarter decision making

TruBot gets reasoning capabilities with the integration of cognitive technologies which helps in smarter decision making.

Cognitive powers

Cognitive Powers

Reads and interprets multi-lingual unstructured text from over 100 languages. Comprehends text from various sources like documents, emails, social media or even news feeds.


Handles complex transactions

Trubot Neuro handles complex transactions which traditionally require human interference and expertise such as enhancing customer service, preventing frauds and managing audit and compliance.

TruBot Neuro Features


In-Built Artificial Intelligence

Comprehensive on-premises AI platform for pattern detection, text and data mining.


Cognitive Support

Algorithms to read, interpret and comprehend unstructured data.


Machine Learning Capabilities

Auto-learns from multiple data sources, contextualizes, establishes relationships.

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Multi lingual

TruBot Neuro reads, interprets and comprehends text from over 100 languages.

Datamatics spearheads its cognitive RPA offerings with TruBot Neuro, which is a proprietary AI powered bot that can read, interpret, and comprehend large amounts of multilingual unstructured data from documents, emails, social media, and news feeds in over 100 languages.

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