TruBot accelerates trade finance for a leading BFSI giant

Business Challenges

The bank had too much workload their closure date was nearing. Due to lack of automation, it led to huge turnaround-time. The entire process was paper based which had a risk of errors and led to slower verification and processing of the documents due to manual intervention.

Datamatics TruBot Solution

Datamatics deployed its proprietary Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution, TruBot, for automation of Trade Finance process. It eliminated the mmanual intervention while automating the entire system. TruBot automatically marks the files and transfers them to the relevant destination which led to 100% accuracy.

Business Impacts


Incresed efficiencies of "Run the Business" (RTB) cost

Increased productivity

Error Free System


India's Largest Private Sector Bank


Banking and Financial Services



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