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Everest Group IDP PEAK Matrix 2019_Datamatics

Everest Group Peak Matrix For Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Technology Vendors

Everest Group recently released its report titled “Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) - Technology Vendors Landscape with Products Peak Matrix Assessment 2019.” The report provides a detailed view of IDP technology vendor landscape and a thorough assessment of the various IDP technology solutions across several key dimensions.  The report assesses only those IDP software products in the market that leverage AI/Cognitive capabilities and are available for independent licensing.
Read the full report here

IDC's Report On 'Robotic Process Automation Vendor Assesment 2018'

IDC’s report on ‘Robotic Process Automation Vendor Assessment 2018 for Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan)’ profiles significant RPA vendors in the region, assessing their key offerings and value propositions, regional presence and their path to cognitive enabled automation. The report also provides guidelines to consider for selecting RPA Partner.

  • Strength of consulting and implementation services
  • The breadth and depth of cognitive/AI integration
  • Evaluating AI deployments against potential risks
  • Not all bots (and bot platforms) are equal
Read the full report here

Gartner recognizes Datamatics in Competitive Landscape: Consulting & System Integration Service Providers for RPA

Date: Sep 11, 2018

Forrester recognizes Datamatics in Now Tech: RPA Services 2018

Date: Dec 14, 2018

TruBot features in Everest Annual Report – 2018 for Robotic Process Automation

Date: June 2018

Gartner recognizes TruBot in Forecast Snapshot: Robotic Process Automation, Worldwide, 2018 Update

Date: Oct 10, 2018

TruBot features in IDC’s RPA Vendor Assessment 2018

Date: Oct 31, 2018

TruBot features in Everest’s RPA - Technology Vendor Profile Compendium 2018

Date: May 2018

TruBot features in Everest PEAK Matrix Assessment, 2018: RPA – Technology Vendor Landscape

Date: Apr 11, 2018

NASSCOM recognizes TruBot for Cognitive RPA – The Future of Automation

Date: Jan 2019

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